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Ski areas Chamonix

Skiers, snowboarders and freeriders, Chamonix is for you ! With several major ski areas, the Chamonix Valley welcomes skiers of all levels. Be careful here,  skiing here is not just a joke !Four main areas - known as altitude - are available for you.The Grands Montets areaThis is the mythical area of ​​the valley. Located between 1,235 and 3,300 meters above sea level, it offers the highest elevation differences in the world in the center of the high mountains, close...

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Chamonix and its valley

Chamonix, Chamonix .... Who does not know this name? Chamonix is ​​a stirring little town in the center of the Alps, known internationally as a mountaineering destination and a resort for winter sports. Located at the Swiss and Italian border, the Chamonix Valley is punctuated by the impressive Aiguilles de Chamonix, among which culminates the imposing Mont Blanc at 4,810 meters above sea level.Nestled in the center of this panorama, Chamonix is ​​certainly one of the most beautiful resorts in...

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Rental in Chamonix

Hurtle down the ski trail and then go back home, tired and replete with snow, and appreciate a hot chocolate, wrapped up in a thick blanket and contemplating the mountains from the terrace of a cozy apartment, does it make your mouth water ?Therefore, you can go to Chamonix for a few days or for weeks, to fill up your lungs with fresh air and really enjoy the serenity. At the bottom of the slopes, in the center of Chamonix,...

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La Mer de Glace - Chamonix

During your holidays in Chamonix, it will be impossible for you not to go to admire one of the most grandiose sites of the Alps: the sea of ​​ice. With 7 kilometers long and 40 square kilometers in area, it is the largest glacier in France. It would be a shame to miss! This wonder of nature is the result of the confluence of the glacier of Tacul and that of Leschaux.Nowadays, more than one million visitors come to visit...

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Le Mont Blanc

Who has never heard talk of Mont Blanc? Internationally known, it is probably because of its height of 4 808 meters, it sits in the French Alps by winning the first place among the summits of Western Europe. And it occupies the fifth place on the continental front.Climbing Mont Blanc is still synonymous with sports performance today. It is necessary to prepare oneself there physically, and also to be able to recognize the symptoms of MAM (acute mountain sickness), which...

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Summer in Chamonix

If we commonly associate Chamonix and, more generally, the Hautes-Alpes with winter and skiing, the summer season also offers wonderful opportunities to stay, on the side of the mountain. Among the many activities that you can practice in Chamonix in summer, there will be sporting, but not all of them !Those who are passionnate about riding will be able to practice their favorite sport at the Mont Blanc Equestrian Center, in its indoor school, where beginners and advanced will be...

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